remove yourself (and your ego) from the equation.


Until I’m able to completely extricate myself from the typical work-a-day scenario, I freelance as a writer, copy editor, and proofreader.  I love words and writing, and doing this type of work allows me not only to do what I love, but to become better and more effective in doing it.  Truly, a win-win.

The downside of freelancing, if it’s your only source of income, is that it can be unstable.  I experienced this in a wholly unpleasant way last week, when my biggest client unexpectedly called an all-stop on content until further notice.  Having just started working for myself a scant few months ago, I wasn’t prepared for this scenario and took it a bit personally at first.

By the third day, however, I had begun to feel infinitely mo’ betta about the situation, realizing how much working for that particular client had become the focal point of my life.  It also became clearer that the lifestyle I’ve assumed working from home reflects in no way what I’d envisioned when I left Aveda in November.

Following the advice of Abraham-Hicks (which I’ve been listening to nonstop of late), and going against my panic-stricken, totally desperate-feeling instincts, I started a new blog, enjoyed some reading, and got out to ski and walk and run. There were moments of freakout, mais oui cher, but as much as I could, I went toward what felt better in that moment, whether activity or simple thought.  I also networked with friends and looked for new opportunities.

Today I had a conversation with my client and, as a result of stepping away from the situation, that interaction had a calm and productive outcome.  Besides being able to step away from the situation, the insight of a biz consultant friend helped immensely, when she reframed the relationship as business owner to business owner, rather than employer/employee.

An MLM is also a business — a reasonably priced business, but a business nonetheless — and we need to think of it as such.  When you sign up, you’re putting your good name behind the business you’re representing; when you share the opportunity with friends, you’re sharing it as a business owner.

Somehow this makes it easier for me to share with people.  I have chosen WorldVentures because I want to achieve my dream lifestyle; I also believe in the company, and that enthusiasm and belief shines through when I share with others. And I think this quote from Sir Richard Branson speaks volumes (especially as it pertains to WorldVentures!):

Sir Richard Branson: "Do Good, Have Fun, and the Money Will Follow.


About tinkerly.

Hello! I'm Angela (aka gyspy, alias Tinkers). In former lives, I taught English in China, worked as a Divemaster all over Southeast Asia, and operated sub-sea robotics (ROVs) in the Gulf of Mexico. I have hiked to Everest base camp, dived in the kelp forests of SoCal, and crossed the Atlantic on a boat, becoming an Emerald Shellback in the process (gold stars if you know what that means!). I love cross-country skiing, running, camping and diving; libraries, reading and writing. I’ve been known to frequent yoga studios and meditation centers; I can commonly be found eating, talking about eating, cooking, or grocery shopping. I also enjoy time with friends and love to embark on urban adventures. Professionally, I'm an independent rep for an amaze-balls company called WorldVentures (making a living... living!), and composing the great American novel, with a side of editing, PR, copy writing and blogging. I welcome comments, questions, requests, suggestions, and general chats!

What are your thoughts, reader?

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